You are my HERO

This few days, I really enjoy watching one of NBC drama series ” HEROES “. An epic drama about extra ordinary people with special abilities. I watch Heroes DVD after we bought it in one shop in Jl. Kartika Plaza. I still watch a half of the first season and actually sometimes it out of my mind how the stories goes. But in fact, I really like watch the HEROES episode by episode and want to know what will happen in next episode.

But in this blog, I want to tell you that actually my hero is MY WIFE. When I was watching this movie again I really realized how suffer she was while she was pregnant our daughter, VINA.

This movie I captured by myself when I took her to Kasih Ibu Hospital in Denpasar in the morning of 11st November 2003 (3,5 years ago). After 1 hour of pain I tried to always hold her hand to make her comfortable.
Finally, our daughter born about 6am in the morning and she has 3250 gram of weight and 52cm of lenght.

MY WIFE…You are my hero…
and for all woman in this world, you all are really extraordinary people with special abilities¬† that man can’t have.

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  • irma - we are heroes

    Thanks God that some of wonderful hubbies in the world, appreciate women’s
    struggle especially while carrying and delivering our babies.
    Congrats for
    wonderful family you have. 8)

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