HE always helps me…

Now it’s been 1 week since Nathasa went again to Surabaya for her  work training in Miracle clinic. We have a very good day when she  took a rest in Bali from 17 until 20 of May 2007. Our children have a  wonderful time with their mom while she was here at home.

What a short time we have, but it’s truly we can realized that we were  really appreciate for our time and how it’s really worthy at every second we have.

Nathasa will go home at June 7, 2007 and finish her work training.
Sometimes I and my wife can’t wait until that time come. But once  again, thanks to 3G Indosat technology that every morning before she  begin to work and every night after she come from her work, we can  chat with free video call for every 10 minutes. My wife can talk to our  children and they can see her face. Sometimes we pray together at  night with mobile video phone while my wife was following the pray from Surabaya.

Just for first week, sometimes every night Vina (our daughter) miss  her mom and want to sleep with her mom and sometimes she cry to  be with her mom. But since last week not every night she miss her  mom.

I have an experience how God really help me how to become single  parents in this few weeks. At once night, actually in the morning I heard someone cried when I was sleeping. When I woke up I saw it’s 4 AM in the morning. And I realized that Vina was crying at the side of bed.  She told me that she want to go to toilet to pee. When I touch her face  I felt that she was little bit warm. I knew that Vina was not well at  that time. It was really shocked me and after I took her to toilet I ask her to  drink warm water. I also give her baby oil. I called my wife at that time  and I asked her what should I do as she is the only doctor I have. She suggested me to prepare some ill kids syrup but she told me that  it would be better to wait for next few hours to see what happen.

So, while Vina sleep again, and I sleep next to her and I begin to pray  and sing some Holy Spirit song for her. I woke up again for next few hours and Vina already wake up first. I  touch her skin and I felt that she get better. She can laugh and play  with her cousin as her cousin come to our house. I knew that God healed her at that night.

I also have experience how Vina at one night suddenly she got a hard cough. We know that Vina has a symptoms of asthma and it  seem it happens almost at night before she sleep. Vina already has  symptoms of Asthma from she was a 1 year old. I remember Vina has  been many times get a nebulizer treatment from her pediatrician  (children’s doctor). When Nathasa went to Surabaya at first day, in  the morning Vina just got a symptoms of asthma and we gave her a  nebulizer treatment as we already bought that nebulizer kit one  month before. We bought that machine as it suggested by one  pediatrician to treat better our daughter at home, so we don’t have to  take to hospital just to get a nebulizer treatment as it cost a lot per  treatment.

So, at night I also felt afraid that she had a symptoms of asthma. I  called my wife and she suggested me to give Vina’s body a Vicks  Vaporub to make her better with her cough. After I gave her Vicks  she still cough for about next 30 minutes. I slept next to her and  began to sing some christian song. I really trust that I will not be able  to heal her but I do trust that GOD can heal her. What a miracle  experience I have, after 30 minutes Vina slept, she began have no  cough again until morning come. Thanks GOD…

I just feel that  GOD really help me how to become a single parent for  this few weeks while Nathasa in Surabaya (East Java). It really make  me more trust HIM that God will pour out His Spirit upon us if we  believe in HIM in every things we do in our life

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