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I found many ‘old’ Friends !!!

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What an incredible century we live!
Now I can found many friends from many years ago that already ‘lost’ from my mind.
And you know what, I found them in facebook. Some friend that already ‘lost’ from almost 20 years ago and I am so amazing to found them again.
Some tagged me in their memories photo and some give message for me. It seem like they just arrived from other planet and suddenly they have wife, they have lots kids and some of them changed their looks.

Some look more fat, some look more cute (including me !! ha..ha..) some look more beautiful (like my wife…!) some more look ugly (guess who..?) some have 3 kids, but some still single.
What an amazing life !!!

Here is one photo from 1991 and I still in Grade 9 before graduation(in Indonesia it’s called grade SMP). My school in SMP Swastiastu, one of my favourite school and have lots memories there.

To download original file please click HERE
or click here http://www.yovisasa.com//images/stories/YOVIE/SMP_SWASTIASTU_91.jpg


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